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Hot and cold numbers -

A lot of the roulette playing systems that are operative will advise the player to make use of betting on numbers which have appeared in the last few spins and the reason for this is to ensure that the player is able to take full advantage of the winning streak. But what is the best […]

Hot Numbers - Roulette Forum

As there is currently a lot of interest in repeating numbers, I am posting another one of my repeating number systems. This is similar to Sam's and Ralph's Magnificent Seven system. This is similar to Sam's and Ralph's Magnificent Seven system.

Bias and Hot Numbers system -

HOT NUMBERS. What we call hot roulette numbers are, quite simply put, repeating numbers. Most of the systems dealing with hot numbers say something like this: When a number has hit X times in Y spins, it is considered as “hot” and you bet that number for Z spins.


ROULETTE STRATEGY - HOT NUMBER SYSTEM! fast profits!!!! Join the FUN, use the following link for 20 FREE casino spins to help boost your bankroll: http://tin...

Betting those hot numbers in roulette - John Grochowski

In 3,800 spins, any given number should turn up an average of 100 times. My 100 hot numbers came up a grand total of 102 times in the 3,800 ensuing spins. Had you been betting $1 on the hot number on each of those 3,800 spins, you’d have lost $128. Not quite what a systems player would be hoping for.

Hot & Cold Numbers | Roulette Guide | RedBlackWin

18+ Gamble Responsibly. Hot & Cold Numbers | Roulette Guide. The concept is really simple – if a specific number result comes up frequently in recent draws, then it is deemed a ‘hot number’, if the opposite occurs for another number as it rarely comes up, it is considered to be a cold number.

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