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Shotwell Roulette System. How to Play it.

Shotwell bets will differ, depending on whether you are on a European or an American table, as we mentioned above. The strategy was first used on an American table, but we would recommend you play this (and any other system here on on a European Roulette table. The odds are better.

Shotwell System: Online roulette system - Roulette UK

The Shotwell System became popular in the 1970s, and has remained a rather unknown, but useful strategy since then. Since this roulette system is rather unknown, you won’t be likely to find someone else playing roulette with this system, and dealers most likely won’t recognize it. Furthermore, the system is not very observable, while it is rather often consciously, or subconsciously, applied at roulette.

The Shotwell System -

The Shotwell system involves using one out of seven betting number combinations stated below and was specially crafted for being used during American or 00 Roulette. Each of the number combination comprises of 6 six-line bets and 4 straight ups.

Roulette Strategy: Shotwell Roulette Betting System | Roulette

The next Roulette betting system we are going to be taking a look at is the Shotwell Roulette betting system, and this one is often followed and practised by many real money Roulette players around the globe, and when everything falls into place when you utilize and use this system some fairly substantial amounts of cash can be won!

The Shotwell roulette system -

The Shotwell roulette system. Some roulette strategies are more popular than others, and the Shotwell roulette system is one of the least known one.

How the Shotwell betting system worksRoulette Australia

Shotwell betting system for roulette explained; betting combinations, examples and whether or not it's effective or a waste of time for casino punters.

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